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The Chris Clemes Field Knife is designed as an all-round working tool for the Field and Stream. The blades are handmade from damascus steel and feature a unique spine which is hand-filed to ensure a better thumb grip and control when carrying out heavy tasks.


Blade Length: 110mm

Handle: 120mm


Made in small batches, shipping time may be up to 3 months if the item is not in stock.


A fine knife is a tool and like any fine tool it is essential that for best results it is used carefully, and after use it is maintained and stored correctly. Please download our Care & Safety booklet below.

Field Knife

  • KNIFE CARE       Download our Care & Safety Booklet


    • Never use your knife as a lever. Always maintain a sharp knife.
    • Sharpen it after each use.
    • Ensure that your knife is put back in its sheath when not in use.
    • Never heat the knife as this can weaken the blade.
    • After fishing, hunting, clean your knife as soon as possible. Blood and body fluids, especially digestive juices, have a corrosive effect on steel.
    •  One should always remove the Field Knife from its leather sheath for long term storage as the chemicals in the leather are pH acidic and will damage the metals in the knife.

    • To ensure that you keep your blade in perfect shape, you will need to perform routine maintenance several times a year. Begin by wiping the blade down with a soft cotton cloth and then applying an appropriate

      polishing powder or food oil such as olive oil.




    Cut away from your body and keep bystanders beyond arms length when using a knife. Watch where you are holding the object and keep your knife away from that grip. Keep adequate first aid on hand in case of cuts.

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