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Join us on the River Avon as Chris explains what makes split cane fly rods so special - video courtesy of Chris & Leo @Chalkstreamfly

Split cane fly rods, also known as bamboo fly rods, are often viewed as beautiful keepsakes, too often stored behind glass cases and admired rather than fished with. However those that have fished with them, know that this could never be farther from the truth. 

We take a closer look at one of our custom fly fishing kits. Each kit includes a custom fly rod, wooden presentation case and leather rod tube. Optional extras include fly reels and silk fly lines. Engraved dedication inside the case also available. 

Ideal retirement, birthday, anniversary presents and for other special occasions

We take a closer look at one of our Field Knives. Made from the finest Damascus steel and Walnut, these knives make the perfect companion for the passionate fly fisher or hunter

We take a closer look at how one of our silk fly lines are spun. These lines have 1/3rd less wind resistance than plastic lines and with zero line memory. If looked after they will last far longer than a plastic fly line

We take a closer look at one of our custom split cane fly rods. Each rod is made to order at our workshops in England.

We take a closer look at one of our leather rod tubes. Each rod tube is made to order using the finest bridle leather. Each tube is hand stitched at our workshops in England

We look back at some of our experiences on the English Chalks Streams and realise that fly fishing is about much more than merely catching fish

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